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October 5, 2014
Vol. 004

"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave . . . "

We can't help being excited about our 2nd Annual Benefit Concert, "Still I Rise: A Musical Tribute to Maya Angelou." Last year's "Feelin' Good - A Tribute to Nina Simone" was a phenomenal event and once again, we find ourselves immensely inspired by the legacy of our great mothers.

The event will be held again at the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music (in the New Orleans Musicians' Village) - a  high-quality music listening venue that provides a staging and acoustical atmosphere that truly honors the extraordinary talents of our performers. Paying homage to our beloved Maya Angelou while celebrating the collective talents of women & girls, our line-up includes:
Sharon Martin, Betty Shirley, Michaela Harrison, Erica Falls, Tarriona "Tank" Ball, Tonya Boyd-Canon and many more!

Each ticket includes a dinner reception sponsored by Boucherie restaurant, an open wine/beer bar, as well as dessert sponsored by Martinque Bistro. There will also be a silent auction, product sales and a 50/50 raffle for cash winnings at the event.


Very limited seating is available - we encourage you to purchase your tickets early via our website or at Connect with the Event on FaceBook by clicking here. You may also call our office at 504-301-4800 for more information or to purchase tickets.  

Tickets are $65/each or $120/for two - $70 each at the door.

Proceeds from the event fund our SISTA Scholar Program (SISTA stands for Stay-In-School-Tuition-Assistance) supporting girls' education in West Africa and New Orleans.   
'tis the Season to Sponsor a Girl!  


In just two weeks our Program Officers will begin recruiting for our class of 2017 first year SISTA Scholars in the northern region of Ghana. Our goal is to invite 25-33 new girls from extremely rural village communities the opportunity to obtain their high school education through our SISTA Scholar program this year. Each girl is selected for the program on the basis of three key qualities: 1) courageous academic drive, 2) personal vision and 3) remarkable present day circumstances. The student must also receive placement at one of our partner schools in Ghana including Bolgatanga Girls' Secondary School or Zuarungu Secondary School. Program benefits include full funding of tuition/fees, school supplies, uniforms, ongoing local support programs, as well as extra classes throughout the year.  


We work to match each of our new Scholars with an individual Sponsor like you. Since the program inception in 2007, we have found that our SISTA Scholars are most benefited through the personal relationships that they develop with their Sponsors. Giving back in such a tangible way to make such a qualitative difference in one girl's life serves as a source of great satisfaction and fulfillment for many of our Sponsors. We need Sponsors for each of our incoming freshmen girls! Please consider making this three year commitment to further empower one girl today.   


Visit our website to learn more and sign-up to sponsor a student. Feel free to call our office at 504-301-4800 to discuss sponsorship.     



What Mercy Can Do     

Fifteen of our SISTA Scholars graduated this past May and joined the ranks of 50 other SISTA Scholars who have graduated from the program since we began in 2007. We are so proud of our new graduates, as well as the progress that we are seeing among our alumnae. 

Mercy Atoyange was part of our inaugural class in 2007 when we began with only six girls. Mercy's tenacious decision to repeat several years of middle school when she could not find the money to go on to high school made an indelible mark on all of us. At the time, she told us that she wanted to become a nurse and that she enjoyed math, "I know how to calculate. I am very smart." She also shared her perspective on the hardships in her life with her "suffer & gain" philosophy - that it was the very challenges that would lead to her greatest rewards.  

Her unforgettable story and the time that we spent with her in her village became the driving force behind our belief in the value of this work and the impact that it can make.   

Mercy graduated from Bolgatanga Girls' Secondary School in 2011. With the help of her Sponsors who have continued to support her throughout her nursing program, Mercy is due to graduate from nursing school in less than one month. We know that this is only the beginning of Mercy's story and we are honored to witness such a powerful unfolding.


Please help us to further empower other young women like Mercy by becoming a part of the SISTA Scholar Match Program today or make a tax-deductible contribution to SISTAWorks by clicking the Donate button or sending a check to our address below.  


Thank you so much for being a part of the rising of our SISTAS!    

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